A beginner's guide to earning passive income with your passion for video games!

Unlike the 20th century, the children of the 21st generation are more into Esports than physical sports. Video games have been the top played games by the youth of this generation. This method of entertainment has now undoubtedly become a passion for this generation!

Initially, it was all about fun and more of a hobby kids used to have, but now it's a lot more than that! Do you know playing video games to make money is a new trend these days? 

Although it is a new concept for most of you, this is the best opportunity for people already aware of this concept. 

Video Games - A Source Of Income:

With the increasing trend of earning by playing video games, gamers have started earning passive income every month from their favorite hobby. So many games have become relatively famous for making a good monthly income.

It includes games like Leagues of Legends, Fortnite, and many other games that have become a famous source of income for gamers. 

How can you make passive income from gaming?

Luckily, we've got the answer for you! There are several ways of making an income by gaming which include:

  • Selling your old gaming accounts.
  • Selling special characters of the most trending games.
  • Live Streaming
  • Building up and maintaining a Youtube channel.
  • Becoming a game tester and many more ways.
  • Using En Garde App to wager money and earn while playing.

Keeping in mind all of these and many other ways of earning a passive income by gaming, one thing is the passion for gaming and an understanding of finding the right niche that will correspond to what your audience expects from you!

For having a detailed understanding of how you can make income through your passion for video games, and to find out which method seems the best, continue reading.

Guide of how to make income from video games:

Although there are several methods of earning money by playing video games, here we have highlighted three main ways that would also be helpful for beginners:


Blogging is a well-known and simple way of earning a passive income for a passionate video game player. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose a good and trendy niche
  2. Write articles based on competitive research.
  3. Create authority on Youtube.

Selling your accounts and Special Characters:

Video games are all about creating plenty of accounts and characters, so if you are an experienced player, you would for sure have plenty of accounts and characters in the backup. So, instead of having so many backed-up charges, you can sell them.

Live Streaming:

It is another excellent opportunity to build a community of like-minded gamers. So if you are among the experienced gamers, you would be more than happy to showcase your skills to the world and get paid for them. 

En Garde App

On the other hand, the above options are pretty difficult to pull off constantly. Blogging and live streaming take a lot of time and effort - and you have to do it recurrently if you want to earn a good amount of money.

As for selling old characters and special ones, the effort you put into getting them is another minus, especially since you’ll have to give them away.

These options don’t look like you are passively earning cash, do they?

That’s why we recommend the En Garde Phone app, which is indeed the best source of passive earning you’ll need. Not only will you have to give up extra time or hard-earned characters, but you’ll also be earning just by doing what you’ve always wanted to: Playing games!

After all, this app is an Esports app that provides a platform for gamers to compete with each other in video games by wagering money and earning a prize pool for your win.

En Garde doesn’t do tournaments and multi level class structures, instead, it utilizes a queue system that is easy, quick, and matches you up with an opponent faster than you can ask for it. Plus, without the added hassle of tournaments, you can take the winnings every round, and don’t have to worry about whatever comes next!


There you have it - a guide with all the different ways you can earn from gaming. Sure, a few of them are pretty hectic, but that’s why we’ve included the best option.

With En Garde, earning money is no longer a hassle; all you have to do is sign up, stream and queue for the match in minutes. You would not have to play tournaments to earn; play your game at your pace and make from $4 to $240+ per match!

Happy gaming!