Oh, How The Money Rolls In Gaming

Hi there!

You. The college graduate. The young adult with many dreams and the tenacity to make them reality. The tween with a big brother to beat.

That’s right, I’m talking to you guys. And there’s something I want to talk to you about, something I think you’d really like to hear.


No, not those games. I'm talking about Esports (the E stands for electronic sports. You may have occasionally seen this written as 'esporta', which is just a misspelling.) 

Since the pandemic hit the world, the world has turned to the internet and online spaces for comfort and as a way to make some money to pay the bills. While esports were popular before Covid, they exploded with the influx of free time.

Suppose you feel skeptical about how some pixels on your computer screen can bring in the money. In that case, I'll tell you here and now that the average salary for a professional gamer is somewhere between fifty thousand to seventy-five thousand dollars. So leave your suspicions aside, and let's get into it.

How Do I Start?

That's easy as pie. All you need is a console and any game that sparks your interest, be it Mario Kart or Street Fighter.

But I can understand that gaming consoles are expensive and, at times, difficult to come by. Lucky for you, you can get many second-hand consoles on the internet. Or you could sneak over to your neighbor's house and "borrow" his Xbox. (Don't do that. Always ask for permission.)

That's Cool, But How Do I Get Good At It?

Well, as with anything, you need lots of practice. No, there's no way to get out of it. Yes, even if you spend the entire day wasting time with your friends while playing, that still counts as practice.

Aside from that, there are thousands of YouTube videos out there with tutorials and guides and shortcuts to help you with those tricky levels where no matter what you try, you can't win.

But if you think you still aren't progressing, consider switching games. Even if League of Legends calls out to your soul, it'll be impossible to be good if you keep getting killed.

Okay, I'm ready, but how am I supposed to start hitting the big places?

To start, you're going to need people to compete against.

But where can you go to compete? Luckily I know just the place.

En Garde is here to meet all your gaming needs. Make an account, fill in the form to tell them exactly what kind of competition you're looking for, and let En Garde hook you up with interested players.

Do you want to make money off of gaming, not just only play matches against strangers? En Garde makes it easier than ever - all you have to do is find the game you're interested in, set up a Twitch stream, and start playing!

As for the games, En Garde offers you a growing vast array: Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Hearthstone, and more are coming on the way.

But keep one thing in mind, though, at the end of the day: HAVE FUN!