Why You Should Stream On Twitch

Twitch is the leading live-streaming network in the world. Streamers are currently some of the most popular online content creators, and live streaming is only getting more popular.

You've come to the right place if you want to stream to Twitch and build a following. This is a beginner's tutorial on Twitch streaming, as well as a thorough Twitch introductory guide about why you should stream on Twitch. We'll walk you through the streaming setup process, as well as how to broadcast to Twitch via OBS and go live on Twitch.

There are numerous benefits to Twitch streaming, ranging from meeting new people and making friends to launching a successful career as a professional gamer or entertainment.

Here are some of the benefits of using the app to stream to Twitch:

Easy To Connect:

Twitch's programming interface is the most suitable for our streaming needs because they are the largest live stream producer. The Twitch interface is integrated into the Live: Air, and connecting to your Twitch account is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Helps In Dealing With Loneliness:

Don't you have somebody to talk to on Discord or Skype? It's no problem! Start your Twitch stream and play the game as usual, with the bonus of being able to converse as if no one is watching. 

Despite not being one of the most common reasons for Twitch streaming, this is an excellent approach to cope with loneliness and possibly melancholy. It will also keep you much more focused on what you're doing than if you were playing silently and letting your mind run wild.

Improving Your Gameplay:

Streaming on Twitch isn't always about the number of viewers or the amount of money you make. When you're playing a game by yourself, for example, you rarely get the chance to see what went wrong at any given point or whether there was anything you might have asked for or done better.

Confidence Builder:

Having an audience who appreciates your work is a great way to enhance self-confidence. You'll feel better about your content and yourself as your channel expands, knowing that you're creating something that people appreciate.

Making Money From Your Hobby:

Make money from your hobby, such as Twitch streaming! It doesn't get any better than that, does it? En Garde's app is an Esports app that allows gamers to compete against one another in video games by betting money and receiving a prize pool if they win.

It's as simple as counting to three. Find the game you want to play, start a Twitch stream, and earn money!

Even though En Garde does not offer tournaments or multi-level class structures, the queue system is simple to use and matches you with an opponent quickly. Plus, without the added stress of tournaments, you may collect your winnings at the end of each round and not worry about what happens next!

All matches are streamed on Twitch so that En Garde's official GMs can analyze the gameplay and award the appropriate players with cash prizes! Viewers will take part in the fun when you're streaming!


Streaming on Twitch can be one of the most pleasurable things you can do from the comfort of your own house, whether you do it for enjoyment, deal with loneliness, or establish a business. So, don't spend any more time and start creating the layout of your stream!